Dining well is such an indispensable part of travel. Of course, one needs the sustenance to fuel your body while exploring, but tourists often skip the local cuisine in favour of food they know – to their own detriment, we might add, because one rarely learns as much about a culture than when dining on authentic dishes, created by the locals.

Here are five unusual Indonesian delicacies that you should sample when next visiting this part of the world.

Freshwater eel (lindung)


Balinese kids in the countryside often catch these eels and take them home for their mothers to cook with a mixture of garlic and galangal, and they are also sometimes deep-fried.

Steamed coconut oil sediment (clengis)


The foam and residue that rise when coconut milk is boiled is scooped off and coal-roasted in banana wraps to create this accompaniment to rice dishes. Your taste buds should recall melted cheese and shiitake mushrooms when biting into clengis.

Sago worms (ancruk)

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This high-protein snack is thoroughly washed and roasted or fried with spices.



Loloh is a Balinese herbal drink made from various types of leaves and fruits, like morinda fruit and hibiscus flower. The locals praise this drink as an herbal tonic with many medical benefits.

Chicken intestine crackers (keripik usus ayam)


Thoroughly washed and then based in a natural disinfectant, turmeric, chicken intestines are prepared in a number of ways, including deep-frying or skewering.