So, you’ve booked your flights and accommodation and you are anticipating an island getaway you’re in dire need of – but the time is passing at a snail’s pace. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of movies about islands that will keep you busy until you set out.

1. The Beach

Starring the Oscar-acclaimed actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Beach is the story of a young American backpacker that arrives in Thailand, driven by the desire to find something real, only to discover that life has a way of honestly showing us the underbelly of reality, whether we want to see it, or not.

2. Cast Away

Thanks to Cast Away, Tom Hanks will be forever remembered as the guy who forged a relationship with a volleyball. He plays a time-obsessed FedEx executive who is marooned on a deserted island after the plane he is on crashes somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Hanks’ Oscar-nominated depiction of the main character’s fight for survival is something to behold.

3. Six Days, Seven Nights

If Cast Away is a dramatic take on the “deserted island castaway” plot, Six Days, Seven Nights is its sibling that is way more fun. This action-packed romantic comedy stars Anne Heche and Harrison Ford, and has enough laughs to keep you thoroughly entertained while you wait for your own escape.

4. Shutter Island

If you fancy yourself a fan of something a tad darker, Shutter Island should fit the bill. When a patient escapes an insane asylum located on a remote island, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) is faced with his own fears when he heads to Shutter Island to investigate.

5. Eat Pray Love

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) embarks on a quest of self-discovery after her divorce that sends her to Italy, India and, eventually, Bali. This film is based on the bestselling autobiographical novel of the same name. Keep an eye out for the beautiful cinematography featuring the Gilis’ neighbouring island!