Gili Air is one of three islands that make up what are colloquially known as the Gilis. This island is known for its unspoilt beaches and laid-back atmosphere that sees tourists returning year after year.

If you are planning on visiting Gili Air soon, here are five quick facts to give you some background about the island.

1. The population of Gili Air is mostly made up of the native Sasak people that arrived here from India hundreds of years ago, but many Balinese and other Indonesian people, together with many expats, also reside on the island.

2. The Sasak people are mainly Muslim and speak Bahasa Indonesian, although many locals can also speak and understand English. Tourists should take note to respect the religious and cultural traditions of the islanders, and topless bathing is strongly discouraged. The word “Gili” translates to “small island” in Bahasa Indonesian.

3. Tourists access the Gilis by means of speedboats that operate from the Bali mainland. These speedboats run a few times a day, and the Grand Sunset Gili Air reception will be able to advise tourists on running times.

4. Until a few years ago, the only accessible ATM in the Gilis was located on Gili Trawangan, but Gili Air now also has a functioning ATM where tourists can withdraw cash. Credit cards are also widely accepted.

5. There are no motor vehicles on Gili Air, and tourists will mostly navigate the island by foot or bicycle. Ask the reception desk where you can find your own two-wheeler to get around.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Gili Air soon!