Grand Sunset Gili Air Raint Season

Grand Sunset Gili Air

When you think about your holiday the last thing you want to hear is the word rain. But what if we tell you rainy season isn’t what you think it is on the Gili Islands? For sure you want to have the best weather and sunshine all day long on your paradise escape. But don’t always believe in your phone’s weather app when considering coming to Gili Air.

Seasons in Indonesia

The islands of Indonesia have a warm tropical climate due to their proximity to the Equator. Looking at the weather there are two seasons in Indonesia: wet and dry. Indonesia’s dry season (and the most popular time to visit) is between May and September. The wet season spans from October to April, with short and heavy rainfalls. The air and water temperature range between 22 °C to 34 °C, or 72 °F to 93 °F. 

Rainy Season on the Gili Islands

Compared to the surrounding archipelago, the Gili Islands enjoy a somewhat drier microclimate. Off the east coast of Lombok with Mount Rinjani and Mount Agung to the west on Bali shelters the three islands. Known for its monsoonal tropical climate, Gili Air remains dry, hot and humid throughout the year with minimal rainfall. The daily average is two hours and the temperature stagnates on an annual average of 28 °C, or 82 °F. 

Gili Seasons

The Gili Islands have 3 seasons according to tourism. The months of the low season are February, March, April, and November. Midseason goes during May, June, and October. The high season is January, July, August, September, and December.

Yes, okay, but tell me why should I come during this time?

Well, to be honest, there is no bad time to visit Gili Air. Even during the rainy season. You can enjoy all kinds of activities suitable for your personality at any time of the year. 

Yes, the weather slightly changes, but it doesn’t mean you should stay away. The whole island flora blossoms in vivid green and you can hear the local fauna buzzing all across Gili Air. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s still worth a visit!

It is less crowded

The high season gets packed with travelers, especially on Gili Trawangan. Thousands of tourists come and go on a daily basis. So if you are someone who likes to breathe on their holiday it is a decent time to visit the islands. We can ensure you will have a unique remote paradise experience. Relax, unwind, revive in stillness.

Staff will have more attention to you and you might be feeling privileged and get better service. Also when dining out, your food most likely will come faster at the restaurants and local warungs. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to chat with locals and learn about the culture and the traditions of the Gili Islands. 

Better for your wallet

Not to mention expenses are much lower. You can save a fair amount of money on accommodation and transportation. 

Making your stay lusher is not a bad pro if you are on a budget. But even if it doesn’t affect your financials, who doesn’t like to save some bucks, right? Except for the winter holiday season when prices tend to go higher again. 

As Indonesia is a very popular travel destination, it is not the cheapest to get to during the high seasons. According to travel websites, November and January tend to offer the cheapest prices on airfare. Airlines and travel agencies are offering sweet deals on flights and vacation packages during this period. 

Sunny days and cooler nights 

October is one of the months with the most hours of sunshine in the whole year. You can still relax on the beach all day long, enjoying the ocean breeze and warm water.

Don’t get scared when you see a few dark clouds gathering in the sky. The rain can completely miss the islands giving you a view of the beautiful rainfall over the mountains of Lombok and Bali.

At night, it’s pleasant to be outside to socialize over cocktails with friends. Bars get filled with people watching the sunset in beanbags next to bonfires. Live bands and DJs entertain this scenario leading to dance parties in the sand. 

Eventful diving and snorkelling

The Gili Islands offer diving and snorkelling all year round. With fewer people on the island, the dive sites are also less crowded. The best months for diving in Indonesia are May, June, October, and November. 

The wet season brings a change in the marine ecosystem. With the currents shifting every so often and as the nutrients come in, you can observe many species feeding on the corals. People know the Gili Islands as the turtle’s paradise, but there are other interesting marine animals to discover as well. 

During the wet season, you will have the highest chance to spot whale sharks, manta rays and devil rays. If you are into underwater photography this time of the year will be very exciting for you capturing both the mega- and macrofauna in action. 

Indoor activities

So what if it does rain a little bit? Well, we have good news for you! These activities will keep you entertained during showers without getting wet:

  • Escape to a spa and treat yourself with a traditional Balinese massage
  • Center your body and mind on a yoga class
  • Learn about Indonesian cuisine by taking a cooking class
  • Visit the Escape Room on Gili Air

The most spectacular sunsets

Last but not least, this time of the year you will witness the most spectacular sunsets. One of the reasons out of many why travelers love the Gili Islands. You must have heard the quote from Paulo Coelho “Don’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies…”. 

Gili Air proves it to be right. One sunset can hold plenty of shades of colors. From vibrant orange to red easing to the shadows of pink and purple creating cotton candy skies. Best time to take those iconic sunset beach swing photos that you can’t leave the Gilis without. 

In conclusion, instead of cancelling your holiday, come to Gili Air or the sister islands. The Gilis are always a good alternative to escape from the Bali showers. Paradise Awaits you all year round!