With all the interesting, exciting and fun activities available on Gili Air, it’s almost impossible to find yourself bored – even if the island lifestyle is laid-back, it certainly doesn’t amount to being boring! Ask for advice on what to busy yourself with at the Grand Sunset Gili Air front desk.

We recently asked a visitor to Gili Air which of the activities she recommended, and what she thought could not be missed. Here is her feedback.

1. Rent a canoe and go rowing

Do not be intimidated by the prospect of propelling yourself across the ocean by paddle. Taking a canoe and exploring the waters surrounding Gili Air will make you feel at one with nature like never before.

Traveller’s rating: Four stars

2. Take a day to explore our neighbouring islands

Gili Air is part of a trifecta of little islands just shy of Lombok, Indonesia. The other two Gilis, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan are well worth a visit and are easily accessible from Gili Air by speedboat. Set out one day in your programme to see what our neighbours have to offer. As all three the Gilis have a unique character and “feel”, you won’t be sorry you did.

Traveller’s rating: Four stars

3. Treat yourself to a massage

Is there any better way to unwind than to have a pair of magic hands get rid of all the stress in your body? A full range of massages is available on the island (feet, hands, head and full-body, among others) and this service is very reasonably priced.

Traveller’s rating: Five stars

4. Wind down with sundowners on the beach

Nothing says, “I’m on an island!” like having a cocktail out of a coconut. Drop by one of the many bars and restaurants and have your drink of choice to end the day.

Traveller’s rating: Five stars

5. Have a beach barbeque for supper

Most hotel restaurants offer guests the opportunity to have an authentic supper on the beach. This usually includes chargrilled seafood and buffet side dishes… is your mouth watering yet?

Traveller’s rating: Five (plus one) stars – it’s just so good!

Gili Air is excited to show you what we can offer. Contact Grand Sunset Gili Air today to make your booking.