When you arrive on the Gilis the unmistakable sound of bells in a slow rhythm might make you think Santa is around the corner.
But it’s actually our main form of transport just making you aware that they are close-by.

The Gili Islands does not allow for any motorizes vehicles which adds to the uniqueness of our quite paradise.
But how do you get from point A to point B with your luggage, and how do those cold Beers arrive in your hotels fridges?

The answer is the humble Cidomo.

The name Cidomo, used to describe the Horse Carts running around the Islands are derived from the Sasak word cika or cikar (a traditional handcart), dokar (Balinese for pony cart) and mobil for the wheels on which it rolls and has been used for the past 200 years as a mode of transport.

These brightly coloured carriages with their magnitude of tassels and bells can seat up to four people and work in shifts all over the three Gilis.

There are many misconceptions about how the horses are treated but we can ensure you that most of them are false. The Gili Eco Trust with the support of multiple businesses, both local and foreign owned, has taken great initiatives to educate the local community on providing the necessary care for the horses on the islands. They pay for fresh water, food supplements, veterinary visits, as well as establishing a larger team to implement all of this and ensure the horses’ well-being come first.