Just after 19:45 on 5 August 2018, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck the Gilis’ neighbouring island of Lombok, leading to widespread damages and loss of life.

While the Gilis are not unfamiliar with earthquakes – we are located right in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire, an earthquake-prone area where roughly 90% of all the world’s earthquakes occur – larger magnitude earthquakes are less common, and during the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, panic among both locals and tourists was understandably rife.

With that being said, the residents of Gili Air were quick to act, and Grand Sunset was also humbled to be a part of the immediate relief efforts following the Lombok earthquake. Numerous camps were set up all across Gili Air, among them, Grand Sunset, to provide locals and tourists with a safe place to stay in the days following the earthquake.

A number of aftershocks were felt in the days and weeks after 5 August, but we are glad to say that efforts to rebuild some of the structures damaged in the earthquake are well underway and that, despite the trauma experienced by people on Gili Air, the positive outlook and attitude that is so characetristic of the locals on the island have prevailed.

Watch this space for updates, and if you were planning on visiting Gili Air, please still do so. Your support in getting Gili Air back on its feet is invaluable, and this small island remains a haven of peace and tranquility for travellers looking to experience a little piece of paradise.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following businesses and organisations who either helped by setting up temporary camps following the earthquake, or assisted by providing much needed sustenance to tourists and residents of Gili Air.