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If you’ve ever been to the Indonesian island paradise of Gili Air, part of the Gili Islands trio, and visited Grand Sunset, you know the best part of the experience is the local people. They are the staff who never stop smiling and never lose interest in you and where you come from – the people who’ll climb a coconut tree simply to delight you with a beverage, and carry your bags to the boat and wave goodbye. These welcoming and ever-friendly people are the beating heart of the Gili Islands and Lombok, and make this place so special.

These very special islanders are always willing to reach out and lend a helping hand, but today they need your help.

On Thursday, 9 August 2018, the Gili Islands were struck by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake – this in addition to the 7.0 earthquake which hit the islands on 5 August. Although less severe, the epicentre of the second earthquake was directly below many of our staff members’ homes, and thus devastating to their lives.

Now we need your help to get them back on their feet. With your generous donations we can rebuild homes, provide medical assistance, food and water to the friends, co-workers, and people who have lost everything to this devastating disaster.

Your donation will go directly to the people affected by the crisis in Gili Air. Any amount can make a difference – $30 can go a long way in Lombok.

This natural disaster has affected us on a very personal level – our staff, neighbours, and friends have been completely devastated by the recent quakes. Nearly every single member of our staff has suffered severe damage to their property, or lost their homes completely. Most are currently living in emergency shelters.

We are doing everything we can to support our resort-family, and your support can make a real and tremendous difference.

We’ll be sharing lots of good news with you and show you the impact your donations have made. Thank you all for your support, you are making a difference.

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