Packing for a beach getaway often proves a daunting experience for tourists, especially if they are packing for a trip abroad. To make this experience easier for tourists who visit Gili Air, here is your definitive list of things to pack when visiting us.

Plan your wardrobe in advance: Packing light starts with planning your wardrobe in advance. Take into account how many days you will be staying, and try to plan daily outfits that combine the individual items you pack for a unique look every day. Try to not pack more than three pairs of shoes (remember flip flops for the beach!) as these take up significant luggage space, and you probably won’t wear all the shoes you lug along, anyway. Don’t forget to pack a bathing costume and swimming towel – it might seem obvious, but the many vendors selling beachwear means that this is something that is often forgotten.

Waterproofing your devices: Gili Air’s scenic landscape is certainly something you’ll want to document and share on your social media profiles, but remember to ensure that your devices are waterproof before wading anywhere near the water. Equip your phone and camera with a waterproof case, and attach a float strap to them to prevent you from having to search for them at the bottom of the ocean.

A beach bag is indispensable on a trip to the coast. It allows you to easily haul everything you need (books, devices, refreshments, towels, sunscreen) down to the beach, and easily transport all these items back at the end of the day. If it is waterproof, even better.

A portable charger can prove very useful in the unfortunate event of an interruption of the power supply on Gili Air. Power interruptions do occasionally occur, and a portable power bank will ensure that all of the island’s beauty can be captured, without having to worry about something as banal as a flat battery.

Sunscreen is a must when visiting Gili Air. Too often, we see sunburnt tourists sticking to the shade on their second day. Pack a sunhat and sunglasses to further protect yourself against the sun. Remember to pack a cover-up like a sarong on extra T-shirt into your beach bag before heading out.

Mosquito repellent will make your stay less riddled with mosquito bites, especially during the rainy season.

An insulated water bottle will keep you hydrated and cool. On Gili Air, we recommend that you purchase bottled water for drinking, but a stainless steel water bottle is a far more practical and environmentally friendly option than its plastic alternative, so don’t forget to fill up from water containers before leaving your hotel.

A small first aid kit containing prescription medication, allergy medication, disinfectant, hand sanitiser and band-aids should take care of the most common medical issues you might experience while on vacation.