Three months have passed since a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck Lombok, one of the Gili islands’ neighbours, displacing 340,000 people and leading to death and injury for close to 2,000 others.

While the impact of the earthquake was absolutely devastating on Gili Air, just as it was on the other islands in the region, the resilience of the locals has prevailed, and everything is on track to be back to normal soon, also at Grand Sunset Gili Air.

We are grateful for all contributions that have aided us on our road to recovery, but would like to issue a heartfelt plea to tourists who might have been thinking of visiting this pristine piece of paradise straddling the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2017 report on the economic impact of tourism in Indonesia forecast a 6.2% increase in the amount of money generated by tourism by 2027, bringing that amount to US$110.1 billion, or roughly 6.8% of Indonesia’s annual GDP a decade from now.

Indonesia as a whole has long relied on tourism as one of its main streams of income, and the natural wonder of this part of the world has certainly aided in drawing large crowds of foreign tourists each year. Nowhere is this truer than on the Gilis.

Gili Air relies largely on tourism to support its economy, and an increase in the amount of tourists stretches much further than simply supporting the livelihood of the many formal and informal traders and service operators that do business on the island – it also allows for the development of infrastructure, services and wider marketing of the archipelago as a whole.

Deciding to still plan a holiday on Gili Air, even (and especially) after the destruction of the Lombok earthquake is the best way to help the islanders and the industry recover, to be able to meet the tourism goals set out by the Indonesian government, and we look forward to receiving you.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on when Grand Sunset Gili Air will be open for business again, and prepare for rest, relaxation and an overall good time that will remain with you forever.