We have already made it easy for you to pack for your next visit to the Gilis, but upon the advice of someone who recently visited this little paradise, we’d like to add to that list, as the most practical things are often the ones we forget to put in our suitcases.

All of these things can be purchased on Gili Air, should you not be able to acquire them before leaving on your trip.

Reef beach shoes

The beaches along the coast of Gili Air are pristine and you’re sure to spend a lot of time on them. However, walking over crushed coral while barefoot can lead to a few little cuts that may put a damper on your beach bum vibes. Invest in a cheap pair of beach reef shoes to prevent this. Also called water shoes, you can also wear them while snorkelling and exploring the coral reefs that surround the island. The sole and mesh upper protect your foot, but these shoes are so light and breathable that they’ll dry in no time.

Flip flops/ thongs/ jandals

These slip-on pieces of footwear are indispensable when visiting an island. In fact, we’d recommend that you’re already wearing them when you make landfall. They’re easy to put on and take off, your feet can get wet in them and they don’t take up a lot of space. Things are simpler here, and while you can certainly pack a fancy outfit or two, we’d recommend rather sticking to simple footwear.

Povidone-iodine ointment like Betadine

This antiseptic ointment is the perfect guarantee against infection, should you step into some dry coral by accident. Keep a small tube at hand for any minor scrapes and cuts, and don’t forget the band-aids!

A hand fan

Look, the Gilis are tropical islands, which means that it gets quite hot and humid all year round. A small hand fan is the island companion you didn’t know you needed! It’ll take the edge off and keep you cool all the time. Don’t forget to bring along extra batteries.

All of these items can be bought on Gili Air, and they aren’t expensive. But if you prefer rather biding your time on the beach, next to the pool or in the ocean than scouring the markets, you’ll be grateful that you planned ahead.