Gili Air is renowned for its beautiful diving and snorkelling conditions, and guests staying at Grand Sunset Gili Air are lucky enough to have a diving school conveniently located right on our doorstep.

Gili Islands Divers is a diving school that offers great diving experiences and courses all year round, and it is located on-site at Grand Sunset Gili Air. Expect to see a variety of aquatic creatures, including scorpionfish, cuttlefish, lionfish, rays, sea snakes, white tip reef sharks and, of course, an abundance of different sea turtles.

Gili Islands Divers offers scuba diving and freediving experiences around Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Lombok, and is accredited by Scuba Schools International.

The freediving programme presented by Gili Islands Divers includes three courses. A one-day Freediving Trial provides an introduction to freediving, and the chance to decide whether you’d like to continue with freediving certification.

Should you opt to do so, Gili Islands Divers’ Freediving Level 1 course, spanning across two days, will acquaint you with the proper breathing techniques, and give you the skills to be able to freedive to depths of up to 20 metres.

During the three-day course for Freediving Level 2, you will learn advanced equalisation techniques and apnoea training methods that will take you to depths of up to 30 metres.

In terms of scuba diving, Gili Islands Divers offers courses for beginners and professionals, and divers are also able to complete an SSI Open Water Diver Course, as well as an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

Gili Islands Divers offers the full range of PADI courses, and their speciality courses for advanced divers include wreck diving, search and recovery, shark diving and night diving.

If you find diving daunting, don’t fret! Snorkelling in the Gilis requires little to no training, but still provides the opportunity to experience the unique marine life of this part of the globe.

Nothing beats a cold one as you enjoy a sunset like you haven’t seen it before after a day in the water. Ask us about diving and snorkelling in the Gilis, and let Gili Islands Divers guide you on your journey beneath the waves.