Everyone needs to experience an island vacation at least once in their life. We hear you answering that it couldn’t be all that different from going on a beach vacation at the coast, but believe us, it really is.

Gili Air is part of an archipelago of three islands off the northwest coast of Indonesia, with Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan completing the trio. The Gilis are home to a range of marine life, making it the perfect vacation spot for avid divers – and if you just plan to spend your days on the Gilis assuming the role of a beach bum, there’s plenty of pristine sand to do just that.

If diving and relaxing on the beach aren’t enough reason to convince you to spend your next holiday abroad with us, here are five reasons why an island getaway is the remedy to heal an illness you didn’t even realise you had.

1. Mental rejuvenation that will keep stress at bay

Psychologists praise the influence that so-called “blue space” has on our mental wellbeing. In a recent article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, psychologists found that people perceive spaces where water is present and visible as more restorative than spaces where water doesn’t form a discernable part of the landscape. An island is literally surrounded by water, so there could be no better place to restore your mental state – and that opinion is backed up by science!

2. Rest

When arriving on an island, the mind does take a while to calm down and let go of all the clutter it collected before embarking on a trip. However, once a person is relaxed, an island getaway gives tourists the opportunity to take full advantage of a towel on the beach, with not a care in the world tainting an unspoilt view of the ocean. Island vacations provide an opportunity for rest and relaxation that other holiday destinations have difficulty matching.

3. Aquatics of the first water

While it is certainly advisable to spend as much time as possible on the beach with a good book, tourists shouldn’t forget about the treasure trove that is the ocean. Diving, snorkelling, jetskiing and surfing are just some of the aquatic activities available on an island, and you can bet that you’ll never be bored.

4. Take a gulp of fresh air

You don’t realise the importance of fresh air until you’ve been inhaling it for a few days. Especially if you have a corporate job which requires lots of time behind a desk in the office, an injection of Vitamin D, combined with a good dose of fresh air is just what the doctor ordered.

5. People that you’ll remember forever

Islanders appreciate the simplicity of life, and they act (and even dress) accordingly. Islands are not complicated places, nor are the people that inhabit them overly concerned with sweating the small stuff. So put on a straw hat, grab your towel and a beer, and spend some time with people that know how to enjoy the good life.